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two toddler playing letter cubes

Author: Natalia de Frutos Ramos - Senior Game Artist

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assorted-color lear hanging decor

During the four years I’ve been hiring people, I’ve learnt what a bias is. As part of the people team as a company you always know that part of your role will be to educate the team and help them create the perfect diverse and powerful workforce. What...

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eyeglasses with gray frames on the top of notebook

Written by Amy J Nelson - Content Marketing and Editorial Manager at Lingokids

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condenser microphone with black background

On the way to school, every odd day, I used to hear a radio ad which was nothing but a regular advertisement for a real estate company.

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black and white printed textile

Most organizations give performance reviews once a year, rather than creating a culture of continuous feedback based around their day-to-day operations. Performance reviews can be useful for big corporations, to ensure everyone’s performance is assessed...

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