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App performance is a very hot topic between developers and not only. You might think that most users will stop using your app because of a bad user experience or because of the design. In reality, a slow app can be one of the reasons users are not...

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Once you join Lingokids, you are welcomed to the adventure of Playlearning™! And at this company, we work hard and playwork even harder! In the data team, we are dedicated to improving the experiences kids' and parents' have while using the app....

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As soon as you’re 18, you have to make one of the most important decisions of your life: what will you do for a living?

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In a world full of YouTubers, Instagramers, and TikTokers, the term ‘influencer’ is common knowledge. Although technology and social networks are responsible for making the term popular, the truth is that influencers have existed since the early days...

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